Where Did It Go?

Brandon was frantic this morning. Seems that he couldn’t find the roland sound canvas that he had borrowed from Scott, and now he is afraid that he is going to have to buy a replacement. He spent about two hours tearing his room apart, and then checked his car, before coming to the conclusion that it is missing. I asked him to check with Scott and see if maybe he had already returned it to him, but he’s reluctant to do that. I don’t know if he is afraid of looking stupid, or afraid that Scott will freak out on him, or both. I hope he finds it soon!

Working as I can

Now that I work for a large company, the pressures to get the job done can be tremendous. There are always a lot of people who rely on me to do my part. The problem is that I also have many obligations to others such as my daughters. Once in awhile, I am forced to come home to tend to family needs. That’s why I needed to figure out a way to accommodate both.

I had been hearing about the capability of accessing my work computer from home and vice versa. With all the new technology, I knew this could be possible. After doing some research on the subject, I found out all about remote access. This technology would give me the ability to access my work computer from home. I knew instantly that such a service would fit my needs. I am going to talk with my boss about it and see if this is something we can work out together.

Valentine’s is a Sweet Reminder

There were a lot of guys on Facebook bragging about how they don’t feel the need to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their wives. I was amazed at how many were saying things like, “Every day is valentine’s Day for my wife!” and “I don’t need a special day for my wife to know that I love her!”

Guys, you might be right that your wives are treated well by you. But would it kill you to stop and buy your wife a simple $2 card that says you love her? Would it kill you to spend just $10 on a box of chocolates – if she likes chocolates? I mean, how hard is it to make a little extra effort once in a while to let her know that you are thinking of her and appreciate her?

The most touching comment I read today was from a guy on Facebook who said, “I’m a widower who lost his wife just last year. I sure do wish I still had her here to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for.”

If that doesn’t stop and make you think, you really are hopeless.


Marty was telling me that he is looking at buying a korg kross workstation in the near future. I guess he was upset that nobody took his “hints” at Christmas time about how he wanted that for a gift. I’m sorry, but something like that is, in my opinion, better off buying yourself! I don’t mind donating some money towards a purchase like that, but I’d hate to buy the wrong thing and have someone be upset that it wasn’t exactly right, and then have to try to return it and get what it was that you wanted.

Teacher Skills

A good friend of mine was a teacher for her whole career. That is why I am completely stunned that she has been dismissed after an exemplary career of almost 30 years. She won’t go into the details, but she is out of work and needs a new job. So I am trying to help her put together a resume and get out there to find a new job real quick. it is hard to figure out what skills to put on the resume, then I found a web site that had some help – a list of teacher skills on a web site about resumes.